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Easy Listening vinyl LP records

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Easy Listening Records

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Easy listening music is a style of popular music (and radio format) which emerged in the mid-20th century.[citation needed] It features simple, catchy melodies, soft, laid-back songs and occasionally rhythms suitable for dancing. While easy listening music is mostly instrumental (often played on light of tone instruments such as the Hammond Organ, "lush strings," or Ukulele). Some singers, such as Andy Williams, Jack Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck and Eydie Gorme, had vocal styles which were highly compatible with this style. Much of the work of some other pop vocalists, such as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Tom Jones and Mel Torme, were considered too frenetic or swing-oriented to be played in an easy listening radio format.[citation needed]

Circa 1980, easy listening was the most listened-to radio format in America.[citation needed] However, the easy-listening format gradually declined and became scarce, not because its listeners were too few, but because they were getting too old and therefore less desirable for radio advertisers.[citation needed]

 Use of term and related forms of music

Beautiful music is a subset of easy listening music, since as a radio format, it had rigid standards for instrumentation (e.g., few or no saxophones) and restrictions on how many vocal pieces could be played in an hour.[citation needed] It is sometimes called Nostalgia music.[citation needed]

The term "easy listening" has sometimes been applied negatively in the years since it went out of fashion. It is similar to what is called "lounge" or "lounge core", but lounge music is much more jazz-oriented and dependent on musical improvisation than easy listening. Easy listening music is almost always orchestrated and is more analogous to classical music than to jazz.

Since easy-listening music is rather unknown to the younger generations, the term "easy listening" is often incorrectly when applied to soft pop, Smooth Jazz, or new age music.[citation needed] Easy listening music is also sometimes known as "mood music" or "MOR", or more pejoratively as "Muzak" or "elevator music".

Adult contemporary music is a more fashionable form of easy listening and is one of the top radio formats in the USA today.[citation needed] Easy listening is erroneously referred to as instrumental elevator music by some.

 Artists and music

 Radio stations playing easy listening music

  Easy listening formatted radio stations in the United States  view  talk  edit 
By call sign KAHM  · KHOY  · KILJ  · KIRK  · KKWK  · KLUX  · KMFY  · KNXR  · KRTR  · KVSV  · KWXY  · WAVV  · WBAQ  · WBNL  · WCVU  · WEZS  · WEZV  · WGCY  · WHLC  · WHRR  · WJEJ  · WJIB  · WKLI  · WKTZ  · WLRR  · WMUU  · WMVK  · WOAB  · WOEZ  · WOON  · WPLM  · WSFB  · WSPZ  · WTPB  · WWOK  · WYEZ  ·
By city Albany, NY  · Beloit, KS  · Birmingham, AL  · Boonville, IN  · Boston, MA  · Boston, MA  · Gibson City, IL  · Grand Rapids, MN  · Greenville, MS  · Greenville, SC  · Greenville, SC  · Hagerstown, MD  · Highlands, NC  · Honolulu, HI  · Jacksonville, FL  · Kansas City, MO  · Laconia, NH  · Laredo, TX  · Macon, MO  · Marco, FL  · Maynardville, TN  · Milledgeville, GA  · Mount Pleasant, IA  · Murrells Inlet, SC  · North Myrtle Beach, SC  · Ozark, AL  · Palm Springs, CA  · Perryville, MD  · Portsmouth, OH  · Prescott, AZ  · Quitman, GA  · Robstown, TX  · Rochester, MN  · Rockford, IL  · Solana, FL  · Woonsocket, RI  ·

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