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Classic Records


Superb classical vinyl records from the 1950s-70s

SXL2020 sleeve Classic Records provides probably the finest source of classical vinyl LPs in the world.  If your passion is violin, piano, cello, string quartet, opera, orchestral, Decca SXL, Decca LXT, Columbia SAX, Columbia 33CX, EMI ASD, Deutsche Grammophon, Mercury, Audiophile (TAS list), etc, you'll find it here.  There are also many superb records in other genres including rock, pop, jazz, easy listening, soundtracks, blues, country, folk, etc.  For a complete list of more than 6400 records see our April 2014 Catalogue.  For the latest many superb new additions, click here.  To visit our sister site with full shopping cart and secure credit card payment facility go to www.classicalvinylrecords.com  At any particular time you will find records on the Classic Records site that are not listed on the Classical Vinyl Records site and similarly you can find records listed there that are not listed here, so it's always worth checking both! 

You can also use our fully searchable Online Database and shopping cart system.  This will enable you to find the records you want more easily, and order them more efficiently.  Note, no money is taken from you when you place your order on this website.

Have a look at the new Fifth edition of our Classical Record Price Guide.

“Outstanding service, quality and quite simply, the most serious, reliable source for vintage vinyl in the entire world.  Our collection would not have been possible without Brett Grant and CLASSIC RECORDS.”

Peter Poltun, Director of Archives, Vienna State Opera

Our Music

SXL2087 sleeveMost of our records are analogue, were made between the 1950s and 1970s, on heavy durable vinyl.  You'll also find some older and more recent than this, and a number of CDs. 

Classical Composers include Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, and 100s of others

Perfomers include De Vito, Fournier, Szeryng, Heifetz, Oistrakh, Martzy, Haendel, , Mainardi, Neveu, Francois, Du Pre, Gieseking, Lipatti, Furtwangler, Klemperer, Schuricht, Kempe, Karajan, Bernstein, not to mention The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Tubby Hayes, and 100s of others. 


“Let me also say again how much I appreciate your commitment to provide only the best records and service. Quite frankly no one else comes even close."

John Daniels, Australia

Our Commitment

SXL2011 sleeveWe provide a fast, efficient and secure service at fair prices.  Indeed, we attempt to keep our prices as competitive as possible, and every month many prices are reduced - and 100s of new records are added to our lists.

We have multiple copies of many classical records - and where we have several copies we reduce prices.

We take great care cleaning and packing your records (see customer comments).

Our classical records are mostly in mint/ near mint condition (except where stated).  See our Grading System.  If you are unhappy at the condition of any record we guarantee to provide a full refund.

“I have received Szeryng's two LPs. Very wonderful items! Surfaces are very beautiful, and jackets are also very good!! I'm very glad to get them. Thank you very very much.”

Masato Watanabe, Japan

Classical Record Price Guide 5th Edition

"Fantastic resource, every classical LP collector/seller should have one, 5 stars"

"amazing work. very helpful seller, a MUST for Classical collectors"

"Well worth the money!"

"An interesting reference for all serious record collectors. Recommended"

"Very useful indeed- many thanks. Excellent seller, friendly communications"

These are all genuine testimonials from recent purchasers of our fantastic collectors'/buyers'/sellers' Price Guide listing 17,387 classical records in Excel format.  This has details of record label, record serial number, composers, artists, label, sub-genre (eg orchestral, violin) and notes on other information (for example, precise condition for over 90% of the items, useful for pricing decisions), along with links to photos of record sleeves for over 80% of the listings.

This incredibly useful guide will help you make decisions about buying and selling classical records.  It gives indications of price for variants such as label and condition, cross references many items with other records so you can determine alternative releases with the same material.  If the release is especially rare, it gives this information.  It also details records which are TAS listed (The Absolute Sound listings of audiophile and other superb records). It covers the sought after Decca (including most Decca SXLs ever released), Columbia, HMV, EMI, Mercury, RCA Deutsche Grammophon, Philips labels along with many, many other smaller labels.  For further details click here.


"The Cartridge Man" range of phono cartridges and accessories

We are proud to announce that we can now make available to our customers the superb and great value "The Cartridge Man" range of stereo phono cartridges, tonearm and other accessories.  The Cartridge Man


Do you want to sell your records, CDs and audio equipment?

Oldies sleeveSend us your lists.  But note, we are only interested in records/CDs (and their covers/jewel case boxes) in mint or near mint condition.  The only time we may make an exception to this is in the case of very rare collectible items.  Click on our collector's guide for tips on the kind of records we are looking for.  However, bear in mind that we specialise in classical music 33rpm LPs.  Non classical and 78s are only considered if exceptional.  Please do not contact us about easy listening, shows/soundtracks or 78s in general.  Collectible pop, rock and jazz from 50s, 60s and 70s considered.  If you have the right records we will offer the best possible price for them.  You may be interested in our Classical Record Price Guide. Good quality audio equipment also considered - again this must be in excellent condition and full working order.



"Thank you again for your very prompt and professional service - your LPs are always clean, securely packaged and done with care - this is really exceptional...”

Mark Mason, U.K.


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